Last night #drinkingandinking this piece for an upcoming project. Felt good to be using a brush again. Life has been a bit hectic with trying to balance my #tattooapprenticeship and freelance life. So I’m stoked to take the week off to focus on freelance and work on new #tattooflash
But hey…THIS VIDEO will probably be boring to most people unless you’re an #artdork. To me seeing an artist’s process is #porn to me. Same with seeing an artist’s #sketchbook #coughcough Being able to see how and why an artist does a certain technique is what #makesmyjeanstight I grew up during a time where talking to an artist I admired meant I’d have to find them at a convention or art show and nervously string a sentence together. So instead I read every interview I could find. Bought their art and sketchbooks #nudgenudgewinkwink and tried to dissect their process to better understand how I could try the same techniques. I can’t really explain how to ink with a brush but I can show you. See how boring it is?!
I just posted a free #PDF of one of my sketchbooks here Really surprised by how many people have downloaded it already. PLEASE let me know what you think of it. #tellmeimpretty #doesmybuttlookgoodintheseskinnyjeans
I’m going to be hosting a new #contest soon. I am not a #nameologist I’ll need your help to name the new #Marilyn colorway. So stay tuned.
My tattoo books are closed right now so I can focus on freelance. They’ll open back up in the beginning of April and I’ll have a new flash sheet and start doing custom pieces (with limited color) for something like $50 #buckaroos email me Brian(at) if interested.
Do NOT DM me! I’ll ignore it. Just ask all the people that don’t read this part.
In case you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about - I’m apprenticing under #MikeMoses @hollow_moon at his new shop @cauldron_tattoo
I’m kinda slammed at the moment so if you’ve emailed, sent a text or tried calling I’ll get back to you this week. If you don’t hear from me just ping me again. Working on tons of cool crap right now.
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