I’m really proud to make available my small press book I produced for SDCC this year. These went rather quickly at Comic Con. I squirelled some away for the folks that couldn’t attend. I’m really impressed with the printing on this. It’s something I wanted to do for a few years now. So I'm happy I can now publish this.

Each spread has the original pencils and prelim art on one page while the final FULL COLOR art is on the facing page. This is the kind of book I’d want to buy. I am a nerd and love seeing an artist’s work process. Hopefully you will too.

At the encouragement of a bunch of folks and a small grant from the Rocket Society, this new small press book was produced. 32 pages and full of color!

The last book I self-published was in 2006. (Hey I’m lazy!) This one collects selected works that I produced after my book Don’t Hold Your Breath  that came out in 2010. So it’s a bunch stuff that isn’t in DHYB.

* Full Color
* Signed
* Saddle-stitch: 32 pages
* Publisher: BRIANEWING.com
* Language: English



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Cool Man!!

Stu Friedman on 21st Dec 2015

Great sketchbook which shows the drawing, colored original and Brian's informative comments. Important addition to anyone's Brian Ewing collection!

Great sketchbook!!!

Benjamin Martinez on 21st Aug 2014

This sketchbook is an excellent companion to "Hold On Your Breath". It presents the work in progress and the finished art. It's a great way to have a taste of the creating process. And it is signed by Mr Ewing himself!

Awesome sketchbook!

Jeremy on 3rd Jun 2013

I love being able to see initial sketches side-by-side with the finished piece. There's so much good stuff in here. Love it!