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Printed using a special metallic ink combo, this print actually changes as you walk around it for an optical illusion that’s not to be missed! Check out this quickTUMBLR video to see how the print changes depending on what angle you're viewing it.

I really enjoyed doing this poster. Alexisonfire was one of my favorite bands. Every year I was on the Warped Tour I'd drop whatever I was doing to check them out. I always wanted to do something for them...and finally this is my chance. Dallas Green was what made that band for me. Made them stand out and have a longer shelf life compared to most bands running the whole "screamo" genre into the ground.

I also got to finally use this image of Carol Lombard from the movie "Supernatural". I felt that it tied in visually with the music of City and Colour. It's dark and romantic and sometimes doomed. I like bummer music. Sue me.

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Davedef on 12th Aug 2015

I have this piece hung up in my house. The composition and concept are phenomenal but its when people get up close to see the details that they notice the skeleton drawing in gold ink that they are blown away with this poster. The black and white color scheme makes this a great piece to hang in almost any room of the house ( by that I mean hang it up in a major room you use and not the bathroom. C'mon man! Posters in the bathroom?!? Show some fucking respect to the poster and your guests using it who don't want to wonder if this fortune teller could have predicted the diarrhea they got from the Gordita they decided to hate at lunch). The patterned background always has some new little tidbit to read that I might have missed on the first 50 times I poured over this poster. Buy it.