Pink and Gold Colorway
Art Print
Signed & Numbered edition of 50
Screen Print

Printed using a special metallic ink combo, this print actually changes as you walk around it for an optical illusion that’s not to be missed!

I'm continuing with the Dissected Monster series. This time around it's my favorite monster ever - The Creature! Of all the monsters from that period the Gill Man still holds up. The design was ahead of its time. When I was a kid and they aired the Creature in 3D I remember running around frantically trying to earn $1.50 to buy the 3D glasses from Open Pantry down the block. I begged my mom to help me adjust our old tv to the correct frequency so the 3D 'technology' actually worked. It was a glorious day that I'll always remember.

I had to take some liberties with the anatomy. I combined fish anatomy with human anatomy. It was a challenge but also very fun to research. (Because I am a nerd...)

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Fun portrait of the Gill Man!

Stu Friedman on 21st Dec 2015

The Gill man is of course, The Creature From the Black Lagoon. I saw this in the 50s in the movies when it first came out. Nothing better than to go thru the newspapers and see the new movie ads for Science Fiction and Horror films. This is a beautiful portrait of this classic character. Created in Mr. Ewing's special style.


2nd Feb 2015

Got this fuckin badass print couldn't be happier


Jen on 11th Dec 2014

Such a gorgeous piece of artwork on such a beautiful coloured paper, the gold goes so well wiyh it. I can't wait to frame it!

Awesome poster!!!

Benjamin Martinez on 21st Aug 2014

It's the second poster I ordered from Ewing. This is such a great piece of art! It has a retro-cool vibe. Very colorful and spooky at the same time like "Archie Comics" meets "Tales From The Crypt". The light pink really emphasis Brian's masterful drawing. I love it!