Here's a patch I designed for fun.

It's the perfect icebreaker at any bar or church function!

You'll thank me because it's so damn awesome!

The patches are 5" x 1.5" and embroidered.
Great for any hipster, 1%er, girl scout or jügend in your life!

I enlarged the patches from 3.5" wide to a whopping 5"!!!

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Love it

Oicheapmike on 1st Aug 2020

My favorite patch i have it one two vest :)

"I wanna touch your butt"

Cheap Mike on 12th Nov 2018

So rad I love it

Its about consent!

Davedef on 12th Aug 2015

And this patch already gets you 50% there by announcing your intention to squeeze fartboxes across the nation. Now all they have to do is offer! Fair warning that you will be approached by various genders, shapes, and degree of cleanliness in the butts that will be offered but every once in a while you will get a real choice set of cheeks and it will make the patch worth it. You gotta kids a few frogs if you wanna get with royalty!

All The Butts Will be Touched

Frost Hanlon on 12th Aug 2015

Awesome patch. Incredible artist. Great value. Plus bonus swag worth more than the original order. Brian is so good to his fans it's a crime in some states.

Quality product from a great artist

Joshua Downs on 31st Jul 2015

I ordered the 'I wanna touch your butt patch' and not only was I completely satisfied with the quality but I was also given an extra patch in the pink colorway ON TOP of a bag full of extra free swag. Best purchase I've made in a long time.

Great size and quality.

Jainkson on 27th Mar 2015

Good stuff. Butts rule!

Awesome Patch!!

Cleveland Ohio on 18th Feb 2015

Love the patch. Reminds me of "Mr. California". Stoked on the free fiend club patch too!!!

So great!

17th Feb 2015

I love it - super cute!