Here's a patch I designed for fun.

It's the perfect icebreaker at any bar or church function!

You'll thank me because it's so damn awesome!

The patches are 5" x 1.5" and embroidered. 
Great for any hipster, 1%er, girl scout or jügend in your life!

I enlarged the patches from 3.5" wide to a whopping 5"!!!

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opening doors

This patch has opened the door for me to touch so many butts without having to directly ask. Most people see the patch on my shoulder and then touch ME with their butt. It's been a beautiful and butt touched time.

Pink's not for butts

I bought this patch series (b/w and pink) for a friend of mine who recently won her battle with breast cancer. She, of course, loved it but pointed out, "Shouldn't this pink one alternately say 'I Wanna Touch Your Boobs'?" and somehow, yeah - I agree. Doesn't make this any less than awesome though.