"Love at First Bite"

Offset Print
Size: A7 (5"x7")
Envelope : Black

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Scratch off card

Jason Maxwell on 8th Mar 2020

The card got to me in time and in great shape. The card looked great and the person that got it loved the card. Over all a great product.


Chris Brinson on 5th Mar 2020

Love the card and all the art prints. Great content


Giovanna White on 17th Feb 2020

I have been a fan of Brian Ewing for years and there is always time and quality in everything he creates. These cards are unique and well made. I love that I can give a Valentine in a non-cheesy way and not have to give up my unique and dark-loving personality. These are worth purchasing every time!

Absolutely precious..

Chelsea E on 9th Mar 2019

Can't really say if I got this more to keep up year round bc bats or bc I was trying to be sweet for Valentine's day. Either way my partner got a kick out of it and thought it was a cute as I did. Thanks so much for the artwork! :)

Love at First Bite

JOYCE SAPP on 20th Feb 2018

Love Brian and his work!!!! Always TOP KNOTCH!

A Perfect Card!

Johnnie on 20th Feb 2018

The card arrived safely and in good time. It was a hit on Valentines Day, the artwork was amazing, the layout perfect, and the work to reveal what was underneath made it even better. I hope to see more pieces like this in the future!

Best Valentine's card

Alex on 20th Feb 2018

I was so excited when I saw this card with just enough time to get it before Valetine's day. The artwork is phenomenal and it looks all around great. My friend loved it so much! I'm looking forward to buying from you again!

So Fun!

Brittany R. on 20th Feb 2018

I personally think Valentine's Day is lame. I get super tired of seeing pink hearts everywhere, but wanted to do something nice for my BF. I decided to purchase this because it's so rad and creative and he loved it!