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So excited to finally post this image. The poster had been in the works for months - due to Morrissey’s cancellation and rescheduling of his tour.

Everyone seems to always do a portrait of Morrissey when designing a poster for him. I wanted to do something different and focus on his fans. Moz’s fans emulated him and the album art his former band, the Smiths, used. Whether in their melancholic disenchanted view of being young or by the way they pomped their hair and cuffed their jeans. The dissected image of Frida manages to convey both of those ideas. She was a defiant and radical surreal folk artist who ended up influencing so many people way past her death in 1954. If Frida were born later, she would have a bootleg copy of the Smiths first album playing in the background as she went on her path to self-discovery with her self portraits and torrid marriage to Diego Rivera.

The bones listed in the poster call out the injuries she sustained when she was 18. Kahlo was riding in a bus that collided with a trolley car. She suffered serious injuries as a result of the accident, including a broken spinal column, a broken collarbone, broken ribs, a broken pelvis, eleven fractures in her right leg, a crushed and dislocated right foot, and a dislocated shoulder. Also, an iron handrail pierced her abdomen and her uterus, compromising her reproductive capacity. Thank you wikipedia!

I hope you guys know some Spanish - scattered throughout the poster are quotes Frida is most well-known for. One of my favorites would be "I hope the exit is joyful — and I hope never to return — Frida". Thanks to my homegal @crankbunny for the proper translations to Spanish.

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