The set includes 25+ 8.5x11 offset prints
1+ 8.5x11 test print. 

Each test print will be different.
​All packaged up in a sexy ass printed envelope. 

Pretty stoked on it because I've only made the mini prints available at conventions. This is the first time in my nerd history that I'm making them available in my online shop.

If you dug the MYSTERYTOOB and MYSTERYSHURT releases I did then you're gonna dig the fudge outta this!!!

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2.00 LBS
9.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
2.00 (in)
Shipping Cost:
$10.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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Fun! Great variety, my place is much cooler now

Extremely happy with my set. I was lucky and got 2 signed test prints. I was stoked to get smaller versions of many of the posters I wish I could have. Such a great value. I have decided to frame a few and gift them to friends to spread some Brian Ewing love.

Test prints

2 amazing signed test prints and bunch of other prints for 60 bucks is a great deal for any Brian Ewing fan. It would be awesome that those other prints are also signed, but it still is a great deal!

Amazing Deal and Killer Test print

The test print alone is worth the asking price. The other prints are just a bonus. The only downside is, the only print(s) that are signed are the test prints. But if that is the only downside to this amazing deal, then you know it is worthwhile.

best deal ever

A great package for any Brian Ewing fan/ collector .

AWESOME set & crazy cheap too!!!!

This set is amazing already, but with a 1/1 test thrown in as well it's just beyond amazing!!!! I was even lucky enough to receive an extra mini in my pack as well as 2 test prints!!!! Such an incredible set of amazing artwork from the great Brian Ewing, and great surprises thrown in!!!! If you didn't order one of these Mystery Meenie Print Sets you're probably a loser, or maybe even a serial killer or something horrible like that! Haha! If you can still order yourself one of these sets, don't be a douche & do yourself a favor and get one right now!!!!