Offset Print
Size: A7 (5"x7")
Envelope : Red

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You can use the card for more than just traditional purposes. Propose marriage to a total stranger! Break up with someone! Steal someone's girlfriend! Quit your shitty day job! Or just let your landlord know you'll be a few days late with the rent. 
Soften the blow or sweeten the deal with this uniquely subtle and tasteful greeting card!!!

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Carlos on 24th Feb 2020


This card is the be inanimate wing man

James Benson on 2nd Mar 2018

She loved, I loved that she loved it, we loved the we each loved it.

fucking rad

Matt D on 1st Mar 2017

Great quality and they will get you laid!

Best. Card. Ever.

Tim on 22nd Feb 2017

until this one, I can not remember buying a card! What better way to give a card that is also a piece of art and fun to scratch off!

loved it!

19th Feb 2017

The card arrived quickly and safely, and had surprise goodies inside. My husband was so thrilled to get the card. It was beautifully designed and perfect for Valentine's Day. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you!

creative, unique and just plain gooey

17th Feb 2017

are you shocked this item is amazing? don't be, all BEs art/items rock!


cliff call on 17th Jul 2016

Dude you nailed it with this. Excellent work as always! Thanks for the doodle patch and stickers too!

I wanna touch your butt!

Sean on 29th Feb 2016

Artistically fun way to tell that special someone that you care. . . And that you like good art.