10 color Screen Print!!!
Edition of 100*
Signed & Numbered

*I only got a few copies so I'm doing a small remarque (sketch) and numbering each of my copies 1-35!!! See below.

*The signature on the right is just a WATERMARK. It will NOT appear on the printed poster.

**PLEASE NOTE - this poster is bigger than my usual work.

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Mastodon Artist Copy

Chaz on 8th Jul 2020

I love this print. It's beautiful. I can't think of mere words to describe its greatness. I immediately framed it and hung it in my bedroom. Love!!!

'Oblivion' Artist Prints Review

Johny Fish (Mastodon Mayhem) on 16th Jul 2019

The 'Oblivion' Artist Print i recieved is absolutely amazing, especially when it's right in front of my eyes, Awesome colour details, I also recieved the Variant version which is also Spectacular, they look brilliant side by side, can't wait to get them framed, top notch work by Brian, couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase, Thanks Brian, Awesome work.